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Mallardies (working title) - previously known as Nessun Duckma but that name was simply too terrible

A three-player duck co-opera (co-op opera) game. Every player uses just one button each, as with our previous game Wave or Waive. Quack along to Nessun Dorma. Be the new Drake. Be the best duck operatist that you can be.

I've chosen 'rhythm' as the game's genre because unfortunately 'duck opera' wasn't on the list!?

Currently WIP, if anybody would like to contribute some quacks that would be good. Right now all of the ducks sound the same (bad). I would ideally like to have a variety of quacks.

Thank you to @irny for submitting some quacks at 1am so that we would have a variety of quacks :) hugely in-tune quacks

Co-created by @claraalder and @ghostfibre


Mallardies v3.2 18 MB
Mallardiesv3.2 (for arcade boxes only) 18 MB

Install instructions

Installation Instructions:

This game requires no installation. Just download the file and double-click on the game file to play. :)

Game Controls:

This is a three player party game which is played locally on one shared keyboard.

The player uses the 'A' key (left duck), another the 'B' key (middle duck), and the other the 'L' key (right duck).

Press any key to start the game from within the title screen or to restart the game at the end. Press the 'Escape' key to quit.)

Gameplay Instructions:

Each duck is allocated two shapes (seen over their head). When your duck's shape appears in the middle, press your button. If you press your button at the wrong time the audience will not be impressed. As the song progresses, the shapes above your head will fade, so make sure to memorize your shapes!

Hopefully you will receive roses and applause at the end rather than an EMBARRASSING reception.

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