Update! Thanks Jupiter for writing this nice thing about the game :) https://indiegamesplus.com/2019/02/help-duck-feel-at-home-in-its-grandfathers-ol...

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Please help Duck make his new home feel cosy! :)

Made at Global Game Jam 2019 in the Brighton Skiff #ggj19

Code: Clara

Art: Danny

Music: Royalty Free Music and Creative Commons Music from Kevin MacLeod

Mostly finished but not perfect!

Made using Twine 2/SugarCube 2

Install instructions

To play in your browser just click the 'Run Game' button at top! Should work on mobiles but tablet/computer screens will look a little better.

Open and close the left-hand side menu by clicking the small pink arrow on the top right of the menu.

You can turn the music off at any time in the settings menu .

You can also use the menu to save your progress,  although it's a pretty short game to finish!


Duck's Cosy Home.zip 7 kB


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the bits that are already there are nice. I think this is a nice way of dealing with grief/change, and the art is charming too.

Thank you! :) Sadly we didn't have enough time to add in a section where Duck is reflecting on which of his grandpa's belongings to hold on to but I like what we did get done. I've added a few more images and menu options since the jam, as well as a proper ending.


I played again, and loved the things you added! Thanks for making and sharing this little game, and hope you have a good day!